Terms & Conditions

This agreement obligates Golf Planner Pro LLC doing business as Perfect Golf Event (PGE) to indemnify the Client, for whose exclusive benefit this agreement is made, up to the specified maximum Prize Value if any hole in one occurs on the Date(s), Hole(s) and Tournament as specified in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf. PGE’S payment obligation is conditioned upon full compliance with the following terms and conditions. 
Hole in One Terms and Conditions
1. The Insured Hole-In-One contest must take place on the green of a regulation hole at a regulation golf course. 
2. The minimum distance for any insured Hole-In-One Contest must be 150 yards or greater for men and 130 yards or greater for women, unless prior approval is given by PGE. The Client may choose a higher distance for the insured Contest. The Insured Hole-In-One must be taken from a minimum distance of the selected range of the scheduled hole. For example, if 160-169 yards is selected, the attempt must be taken from a MINIMUM distance of 160 yards. 
3. No green of a Designated Hole may be specially prepared or altered from the condition which is usual for normal play on such hole nor shall the cup be positioned on the green outside of where it is normally positioned in order to facilitate a Hole-In-One. 
4. All participants must be a registered participant in the insured tournament. 
5. This Insurance will not cover a contestant who is a current or former professional golfer or a current or former NCAA Intercollegiate Golfer that has played in a NCAA Intercollegiate Golf tournament within the past five (5)years, unless prior approved by Underwriters. 
6. This Insurance will only cover a maximum of three (3) occurrences per hole per contest, unless otherwise approved or specified in writing by Underwriters. 
7. The number of registered participants for the Hole-In-One contest must be reported to PGE prior to the insured tournament. 
8. All equipment and the hole/cup must adhere to USGA or PGA specifications.

9. No practice attempts, or mulligans are allowed at any time at the Designated Hole on the day of the event. 
10. Witness Requirements for Prize Values: 
• For prize values up to $5,000, playing partners will be acceptable as witnesses. 
• Greater than $5,000 and up to $50,000, one (1) third party witness must be stationed at the green or tee box of the Designated Hole to witness all attempts. 
• Greater than $50,000 up to $100,000, two (2) third party witnesses must be stationed at the green or tee box of the Designated Hole to witness all attempts. 
• Greater than $100,000 up to $1,000,000, two (2) third party witnesses (including one certified PGA Professional or Assistant Professional) must be stationed at the green or tee box of the Designated Hole to witness all attempts AND all attempts must be videotaped in full with such video providing a raw, unedited video record of each participants complete path of the ball. 
11. In the event of a claim, the client must contact PGE within the next business day. The Client must provide Underwriters with the following information as proof of claim: 
• An affidavit from the potential winning contestant attesting to his/her eligibility and compliance with the Official Rules; 
• A copy of the potential winning contestant's drivers license; 
• An affidavit from the designated witness(es) as well as each of the potential winning contestant’s playing partners attesting to the circumstances of the hole-in-one; 
• An affidavit from a representative of the Client attesting to compliance with the terms and conditions of this Insurance; and 
• A copy of the Videotape of the insured attempt (for Hole-In-Ones with prize values greater than $100,000). 
• Signed scorecard that was used by the winner. 
• A list of the players who participated in the contest. 
• A letter from the Golf Pro on letterhead stating the hole #, yardage that was played, the tournament name, date, and number of golfers. 
• All necessary information must be provided to PGE no later than 14 Business Days after the client has received the necessary affidavit forms.